Comparison winner: Ginseng capsules

Vergleichsieger: Ginseng-Kapseln

Comparison winner: Korean Red Panax Ginseng

On the independent comparison site 86 ginseng capsule products were researched, 11 ginseng capsule products were reviewed and our Red Panax Ginseng Extract won as the comparison winner with the Grade VERY GOOD . Reasons for a very good test result the high bioavailability due to the high-dose active ingredient and no additives, the independent laboratory testing and the capsules are vegan and do not contain magnesium stearate.


Korean Red Ginseng

The medicinal plant red Panax ginseng grows particularly in mountainous regions and forests in Korea, Siberia and China. The ginseng root matures for at least six years before it can be processed into red ginseng using a Maillard process. This process makes red ginseng particularly well tolerated by people with hyperthyroidism and allergies . After harvesting, the ginseng is carefully cleaned, dried, crushed and processed into a high-dose extract. The main ingredient is ginsenoids , which are secondary plant substances.

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