8 simple tips for getting pregnant

8 einfache Tipps zum schwanger werden

The desire to have children is at the top of the wish list for many couples. Most can hardly wait to hold a positive pregnancy test in their hands. However, for many, pregnancy does not work out right away. Around one in six couples in Germany complain of problems getting pregnant. 1 This can certainly cause frustration and even fear of possible infertility. Are you facing a similar problem and want to finally become a parent? There are some helpful tips that can help you get pregnant more quickly.

1. Find the right time

Get to know yourself and your body. It is not every day that a sperm can implant into an egg. There are only about three to five days during the female cycle when a woman is fertile. This includes the two days before and after ovulation. To determine this, you should track your cycle and, if necessary, record it with an app or by hand. There are also special ovulation calculators!

2. Consult your doctor

If you want to have children, have a full check-up with your gynecologist. Undiagnosed infections in the genital area are often the reason for not being able to get pregnant. You should also discuss the use of certain medications, as it is possible that these could affect fertility. 2

3. Avoid stress

A lot of stress can also affect a woman's fertility level. Sometimes couples want a child so badly that their bodies go on strike. So don't put yourself under pressure. Being calm when planning a child is an important factor. You should also make sure to give yourself some rest in your everyday life and not let yourself get too stressed at work, for example.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Pregnancy means maximum performance for the body. Therefore, you should make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet in advance so that the body can receive all the important nutrients. This creates a good basis for pregnancy. Make sure you eat regular meals with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. These provide important vitamins. A protein-rich diet and whole grain products are also recommended. Fast food, on the other hand, should be avoided. 3

5. Reduce excess weight

Physical fitness is also beneficial when preparing for pregnancy. A healthy body weight can have a positive effect on fertility. Being overweight or underweight, on the other hand, has a negative impact. In addition, a certain level of basic fitness enables better activity during pregnancy, which can reduce or prevent certain complaints.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Recreational drugs such as alcohol or nicotine should be avoided if you want to have children. Just five glasses of wine or beer a week can reduce fertility by up to 40 percent. By abstaining, the chances of a healthy pregnancy are significantly higher. Smokers in particular have been found to have a significantly lower chance of becoming pregnant. The reason for this is the increased concentration of pollutants in the uterine lining, which can make it more difficult for an egg to implant.

Your partner should also avoid nicotine and alcohol. In men who smoke, the amount of semen and the production of testosterone decrease. Alcohol consumption also leads to a decrease in semen density and sperm vitality.

7. Get enough sleep

Parties or working at night disrupt your biorhythm. So make sure you have a healthy sleep pattern with around seven to eight hours of sleep per night. In the dark, our body produces melatonin. This hormone can cause ovulation to be delayed or even not occur at all. So get enough sleep at night. This can also reduce your stress level.

8. Monk’s pepper

The monk's pepper, in Latin Vitex agnus-castus, belongs to the verbena family. It is native to the Mediterranean region, Central Asia and India. There it grows primarily on river banks and near the coast. Its name comes from the Middle Ages. There the plant was used by the monks in the monastery as a cheap pepper substitute and was also intended to serve them as a means of dampening their urges and lust. In addition, the monk's pepper has been used since ancient times to treat women's ailments and is a widely used and valued remedy among women. There are promising studies in relation to the desire to have children and PMS, which have been compiled on the following page. [CLICK HERE] . 4

All in all: stay calm and relaxed when it comes to wanting children. Work together as a couple towards your goal and enjoy being together until then.


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